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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Interacting with people is changing. Understanding someone’s way of thinking will allow you to effectively connect and establish genuine relational foundations that can create compelling and better-working ethics in the long run.

Gene Earl Myls de Guia was once a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for about six years, and he used to fix people's bills, dispute their charges, and troubleshoot their log-ins and equipment. But then, he suddenly realized a choice that he pondered for a time -- the thought of lives he’s going to save and the future he’s going to change. That’s the time where he started with Fundpro Philippines back in July 2020 as a Fundraiser over the phone, a Telemarketer, which, according to him: It wasn’t a fast start, and it was quite a trial in the beginning because fundraising is not an easy job, what more if it’s over the phone. But a few weeks after joining the team, we met the US team that changed the game. Being able to pick up learnings and techniques with tenured Fundraisers gave me a better idea of what we were supposed to do and how to deliver the pitch story better. Through friendly competition, it’s safe for me to say that I became a better Fundraiser over the phone because, after a few months, I was finally able to keep up with my colleagues and became a high roller. It’s a lot different from what he used to be, and maybe not an easy switch, but he took the risk and stepped out of his comfort zone to help all the people he could.

Telemarketing Conversations, the modern era way of interacting, requires a disciplined response and immediate feedback. Your voice, tone, pause, and the sound of your pitch were some of the many factors that will help you speak through the phone efficiently and confidently, even if placed under pressure. In addition to that, through various ways of contacting people, you can talk to more than one person at a time and connect with people in the blink of time. According to Mr. Gene: I am actually making a difference in the lives of many while talking over the phone. We were scouring the long list of people for us to look for angels who are willing to provide financial distributions for the kids’ proper nutrition, another chance at education, and a decent childhood in this pandemic that we’re all in.

But it wasn’t enough for Mr. Gene. That’s why he decided to venture his capabilities, strengthen his goals, and grab the opportunity to be a Fundraiser -- in the field. He said: It’s a lot different from what I used to, and it wasn’t an easy switch. There were far too many struggles that I needed to go through before I could rise to the occasion: overthinking conquered most of the time and doubting myself whether or not I could actually do this. I was so eager to make an application that sometimes ended up pushing people away. Over time, I learned to conquer my fears and overcome them through calmness, goal setting, and proper mentality. I never thought I would love this job so much. Yes, I was so used to just sitting down and talking to possible donors. But I know that nothing will be better if I stay in my comfort zone. That’s why, now, I wholeheartedly connect to people and make sure to extend and provide the help they deserve.

Fundpro Philippines involves their Fundraisers socially in the field to align their goals and strengthen their commitment to professionally and effectively hone their careers and holistic growth. Through Face-to-Face Fundraising, they are able to bring out the best in every fundraising officer in social work ethics because they provide continuous training and honing of skills such as body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and gestures to help move the conversation along and create better connections. Fundpro ensures that every team member is equipped with essential abilities and necessary skills, a positive attitude, and a determined mindset. Fundpro Philippines makes sure that every day is a learning experience, that you can have a career that matters, a high-paying job that will help your financial concerns, and a chance to travel nationwide to widen your social and mental perspectives. According to Mr. Gene: I’d be lying if I was only in this career just for the cause because I’m also in it for the money. Though, hard as it may be, harder than it was over the phone, there were moments that I thought of giving up, of just going back to the dead-end job that I used to have. But with the help of my teammates, my leaders, I was able to make it through. After all, as the saying goes, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

The dynamic transition from Telemarketing Conversation to Face-to-Face Communication can be relatively difficult to grasp and apply in your respective career. But as Mr. Gene says, three facts will stay the same: it’s a never-ending learning process; if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get too far in this or in any industry; the thing that makes this easier is the people you work with -- your team, your leaders, and the people you talk to. You have to be ready for changes, and the choice to change starts with you. You have to inspire yourself first before you become an inspiration to the people whom you are talking to.

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