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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Your help can bring change.

When you choose to give, you may not realize that donating to charity will do more than just helping your favorite cause or financially supporting it. Beyond that, you are promoting an act of kindness that can be a lifesaver for several people. Whether you choose to donate to charities who: provide vital assistance to people living in poverty, advocate for protecting the environment, or address other global or local problems, your selfless initiative can save someone, and your donation can be someone’s problem solution.

Global Fundraising Group supports and invests in existing and start-up non-profit organizations such as DialogueDirect in the USA, Face2Face in Austria, and Fundpro Philippines. These agencies are mandated to incorporate and promote Worldwide Global Giving; reach the target of one million regularly giving donors every year. In Fundpro Philippines, the largest and most prominent face-to-face Filipino-owned fundraising company, we build a career that matters: a fun culture with a strong community you’d readily want to immerse yourself in. We help and lead our fundraisers to gain additional social awareness and emotional intelligence in our business operations for effective leadership, job progression, and the well-paying income they deserve.

Being a fundraiser with us will help you open more doors for your holistic growth, and the passion and dedication you have for this job will certainly take you to new heights. We conduct extensive fundraising and strategic marketing campaigns in the field with highly trained professionals to deliver positive and quality results for our clients. You’ll meet new people, spark conversations you’ll learn from, and aside from monthly salaries, incentives, and giveaways, you can travel with your peers while helping other people meet the support they need.

Being a fundraiser at Fundpro Philippines gets you more involved socially while helping to align your goal, commitment, and commendable effort. Fundraising with us is a fun and exciting experience that should be shared with one dialogue at a time, and with every dialogue, you can show your care by giving a share. Your extra is someone’s need, and today can be your present for their future!

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