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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Chasing a career that triggers your curiosity because it is interesting to you and trusting that it is leading you somewhere — without any particular aim or purpose — may move you toward the very work you're most passionate about.

Finding a job that matches your skills, suits your hobbies and interests, satisfies your wants and needs, and importantly, gives you a reason to wake up in the morning is challenging. To have what you want and get what you need is an unending gamble and risk, because there is no such thing as an instant go-getter when it comes to having the career you've always wanted. But nowadays, more people are understanding their options and want to explore more.

Lyndel M. Apin, one of the newly hired Fundraisers, said: I took a risk. I applied to different companies. I got calls, got interviewed, and got rejected. But I continued what I was doing -- I didn’t give up, not even once. I kept on searching for jobs through different social media platforms. Then I saw this job post from Fundpro Philippines! I read the qualifications, job descriptions, and company background. The stars were perfectly aligned for me because the night after my final interview, I got a call saying, “Congratulations! Welcome to Fundpro Philippines, Ms. Lyndell!” And on October 6, 2021, the first day of training happened. My mother accompanied me to the Quezon City office, and we both waited in the lobby. I met my fellow Fundpro trainee, and not so long after, we finally met the other trainees and other leaders who, I believed, will be our training instructors for a couple of weeks. We introduced ourselves first and proceeded to the first part of the training.

Following the standard and the predictable path does not always necessarily get you to where you wanted to be -- that is why risks are worth taking and can often be worth the gamble.

When looking for a job, taking a risk, more often than you might think, can be the best decision you will ever make, and all you have to do is go for it and never look back. As Ms. Lyndell said: In the middle of our training, there was another company, the one I've been waiting for, who kept on calling me. I felt like my heart and mind were at war at that time. I felt like saying “YES” was not yet too late. But then, there was a gravity that was pulling me from doing it. I was just about to accept the call until I heard a voice calling me to "sign this contract." I didn’t know what to do in the room -- I just found myself signing the paper in front of me. That moment, I told myself, “THIS IS IT!” After the contract signing, I messaged the other company saying “Thank you for acknowledging my application, but maybe I am not meant to work with you.” I am meant for something better, something different, something worthy -- to work for families and children who need me more. I left the room with a smile before going home, but I brought my heart with me, the heart of a fundraiser.

When you take the risk to go out of your comfort zone, many doors of opportunities will open before you. According to Ms. Lyndell: The first day went well. I easily got comfortable with the working environment. We talked about ourselves, discussed the job, and ate lunch together. It was 2:00 pm when we were dismissed. After the training, I reviewed and worked on the assignment given to us. Before I slept, I smiled and prayed for the next few days to be successful.

You can never go wrong when you take risks because you’ll learn so much about yourself and the things that can spark joy in your life. Connect with people: who have more than one passion, or someone who changes their passion over time, or to those who were not even passionate about changes, because in many cases, these people will lead you to opportunities you’ll feel excited about. These opportunities can make you at peace with your career while cultivating your holistic growth. And when you discover the things that really matter for you, design your life around them. It will get you closer to finding fulfillment in work, inspire and reframe your current role, and lead you towards more fitting opportunities that will satisfy your work-life balance.

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