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Updated: Nov 23, 2021

If you think you are dedicated and committed -- Fundpro Philippines is the best match for you! We welcome fresh graduates who want fun and exciting job, career-oriented or experienced candidates who seek financial security, and social workers who wish to create a lasting impact in society.

Nothing can beat the fun and unstoppable you!

We bring out the best in every marketing officer through continuous training and honing of skills in a fun way. We provide exciting competitions and surprise giveaways to ensure that every team member is equipped with the necessary skills and a positive attitude that represent the causes and missions of the company and our clients.

We keep our 3 C’s in fundraising!

We collaborate with non-profit organizations to maximize resources for immediate help during difficult times. We build connections with our clients and donors through strategic fundraising campaigns to deliver quality results. We opt to change the fundraising experience with one dialogue at a time -- and with you, we can make a difference!

Learn, earn, and travel with us!

Meeting new people that spark conversations you can learn from while helping other people reach the support they need, you are also helping yourself and your family. Depending on your sales performance, aside from monthly salaries, incentives, and giveaways, you can also travel nationwide -- free accommodation and transportation with your peers!

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